The ‘e’ in e-learning gets a makeover

The ‘e’ in e-learning gets a makeover

Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference


There has been much discussion in the twitterverse recently over whether we still need the ‘e’ in e-learning – what with all the new stuff coming along such as:

  • m-learning (e-learning on a mobile device)
  • social learning (self organising e-learning powered by social media tools)
  • live online learning (virtual e-learning classrooms)

I still use the term e-learning because it’s well known and reasonably well understood – though if you ask anyone at Learning Technologies next week you will get some quite different definitions. Personally I prefer the term online learning since it seems more inclusive of all that new stuff listed above.

However the primary aim of this short post is to highlight a new use of the ‘e’ in e-learning; enhanced learning. Where did I find this new usage? Pretty close to home actually – in Plymouth in Devon. It comes from the title of a conference on e-learning which has been run each year by Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth) and his team a the University of Plymouth. This year though it has been re-branded as ‘The Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference‘. I like this new usage – what about you? Should we re-invent the ‘e’ or just lose it altogether?

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