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There is a ‘perceived wisdom’ among many of my clients and potential clients that younger workers need a different type of e-learning to other workers. These ‘digital natives’ are characterised by having a short attention span and valuing form over function, and because many of them have grown up playing computer games it’s assumed that their learning needs to be more game like in order for them to be motivated to do it. In reality the situation is more complex than this – these learner’s are awash with information – the problem they have is about relevance. With so much to learn, about so much, they need learning experiences that build capability quickly and which are appropriate for ‘here and now’ – not some future point in time. Motivation isn’t the problem – relevance is. This video sums up the issue from an educator’s viewpoint:

I love the segment from 21s to 29s. Enjoy and learn.

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