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Content Development

You provide the brief and the content and we will storyboard and build your e-learning.

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These are either very short courses (usually less than 10 minutes) or resources designed to be used just-in-time. They can be hosted on an LMS but they work better when they are hosted somewhere more accessible.

Short e-learning courses

These are short e-courses lasting between 20 and 60 minutes used primarily for workplace and compliance learning. They are normally SCORM or xAPI enabled and launched via a learning management system (LMS).

Online courses or programmes

We also develop longer digital programmes lasting from a few weeks to many months and which are delivered via platforms that support learning pathways such as Totara or Moodle.

Five Effective Steps

Our design and development process is speedy and effective because we’ve built hundreds of courses over the last 10 years. Our process comprises five steps.


Scoping and outlining

You provide the brief and the content and we’ll explore the options for designing a great learning experience. At this stage the core focus is on the approach and the scope – what do the learners really need to know or do – not what might be nice for them to know. Where appropriate we can use AI to help craft the scope and the content. The outcome is a content outline and often a rough storyboard. We prefer to kick projects off with a learning design session on Zoom but we can also work remotely.


Instructional design and storyboarding

We use a variety of instructional design approaches including Absorb/Do/Connect (ADC) and Action Mapping. At this point it’s key to be clear on whether learners need to know stuff, do stuff or whether the aim is to change behaviour. The outcome of this step is the storyboard which details all the content and interactions. We prefer visual storyboards developed in PowerPoint.


Visual design and prototyping

Almost as important as the learning design is the visual design. Some clients like their e-learning to stick to strict brand guidelines– others are happy to allow a bit more flexibility. To make sure we get it right we develop a working prototype early in the project. If it’s not exactly what you envisaged then we can fix it before we really get going. At this stage we can also test that it works on your LMS.


Build and review

This is where the backroom girls take over but if steps 1-3 have gone well then there should be no surprises – only congratulations. However you get to review the final build and make changes as appropriate (hopefully not too many but clients are good at changing their minds).


Publish and upload to LMS

This is the easy bit (usually). In the case of short e-learning courses we normally just send the SCORM or xAPI package to your LMS administrator but in the case of longer online programmes we will normally assemble the course on the LMS or VLE.

How much is an interactive e-learning course?

Using AI and a rapid authoring tool we can build a course in a week. Yes, we start on Monday and deliver on Friday!

Budget £1-2k

Using AI, a shortened storyboarding process and a rapid authoring tool such as Articulate Rise, a 30-minute interactive module can be produced in a week for less than £2k.

Budget £2-4k

A full storyboarding process with support where appropriate from AI. Built using a rapid tool or based on a custom branded template in a tool like Articulate Storyline.


Budget £4k +

A bespoke build with multimedia elements plus custom illustrations and a unique branded look and feel. If it’s a high-profile course, it’s worth doing properly.

Capability Building

Don’t have the budget to outsource your e-learning development?
We can work closely with your own in–house team to build your internal capability.


We can deliver custom designed courses for your in-house team. We can get you up to speed on instructional design and storyboarding or help you master your chosen authoring tool or LMS.


We can build course templates and authoring templates to help give you a head start. A professional looking template means you can focus on the content.


We can build an initial course as an exemplar. This is a real course build combined with a template design. You can then build more courses using the same learning design approach.


We can mentor your key team members and provide ongoing support when you need it.


You can attend one of our open courses or we can run a course in-house for your team. In-house courses can be customised for specific learning platforms (LMS) or authoring tools. Our most popular course combines some basic ID and storyboarding with training on Articulate Storyline.


Our consulting is agile and down to earth. We help you explore practical solutions in a pragmatic way. We then help you implement those solutions to make sure the approach works. We help with exploring the best way to move your courses online, we help explore the best platforms and we help select the best authoring tools. Our experience in these areas will help you find the most appropriate solution for you.

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