e-Learning Network Board Member

e-Learning Network Board Member

ELN LogoI’ve put my name forward for a position on the Board of the eLearning Network (ELN). I’ve always been an active member of the ELN and it has done a lot to promote e-learning in the UK especially in the corporate world. Not sure how much work is entailed if I get appointed/elected but hopefully it will be enjoyable!

Here’s my 100 word manifesto (100 words is not very much):

I’m passionate about e-learning because it combines two subjects I love – learning and technology. I’ve been in e-learning since the early days. Initially it was tough trying to get people to switch to new ways of learning – the classroom was seen as the only place where real learning took place. But things have changed. The web has revolutionised the way we do things and it’s now revolutionising the way we learn. This is a great time to be involved in e-learning and I’m keen to help spread the love as a board member of the ELN!


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