Case Based Reasoning

Case Based Reasoning

FirecbrAt one of the Contacivity networking events I paired up with Ben Diamond from the West Midlands fire service – our task was to find each other three interesting contacts from all the people at Contactivity. That was an interesting exercise but I was particularly interested in some of the stuff Ben has been involved with involving decision support systems for mobile workers (actually firefighters like himself). He has been involved with an EU project (AMIRA) which is researching a variety of tools  and combinations of tools to support mobile workers:

"The technical goal of AMIRA is to develop a set of reusable components using search, reasoning, speech dialogue technology and collaborative working techniques that can be used to create a variety of applications for use by mobile workers operating in safety or business critical situations in the field."

Amongst other approaches AMIRA uses case based reasoning to present solutions to critical incidents. This is related to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and expert system ideas that I came across years ago and all of this stuff is becoming highly relevant to knowledge management as a variety of different technologies mature and converge. I will follow-up case based reasoning is a later article but in the meantime check -out the following:

Link: Case Based Reasoning at Wikipedia
Link: Case Based Reasoning at American Association for Artificial Intelligence
Link: Kaidara Case Based Reasoning Software

The last link is to a French software company that sells case based reasoning software in support of customer service operations (including Comet in the UK). Is this KM in action or just another clever information search tool?

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