Articulate Studio 12

Articulate Studio 12


In all the excitement over the launch of Articulate Storyline you may have missed the ‘preview’ of the updated version of Articulate Studio. Labelled Studio 12 it will be available ‘sometime this year’. It includes some things from Storyline including the new player, character libraries and crucially the ability to publish to both Flash and HTML5. Articulate Studio 12 also adds accessibility support based on the requirements of the US 508 standard.

There are also lots of improvements to Quizmaker and Engage too. Quizmaker gets drag and drop interactions and also a question/answer import via Excel feature (that will really help in creating and managing assessments). Engage gets 10 new interactions.

The $64k question is do you stick with Articulate Studio 09 and wait until Studio 12 becomes available later in the year OR do you cut and run with Storyline? Me, I’d probably want both in my e-learning developer’s toolkit (better start talking to the bank manager)!


Articulate Studio 12 Preview


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