Adobe Presenter 8 is Launched

Adobe Presenter 8 is Launched

Adobe Presenter 8Adobe has just launched Presenter 8 the latest version of it’s PowerPoint to Flash development tool. Presenter is Adobe’s answer to Articulate Presenter (the core element of Articulate Studio). Both tools started out life as presentation tools (hence the names) but it quickly became apparent that they were pretty useful for producing simple e-learning courses. Re-badged as ‘Rapid e-Learning’ authoring tools they both became popular components in the e-learning developer’s toolkit. However Adobe Presenter has always been eclipsed by Adobe Captivate while Articulate has captured the lion’s share of the Rapid e-Learning market. So where does the new Presenter 8 fit in the grand scheme of things?

I haven’t downloaded and reviewed the product yet but intitial investigations reveal a return to it’s roots as a presenter’s tool because of its focus on integrating presenter video. The integration looks pretty impressive, enabling a good presenter to create a presentation that mixes slides and presenter either interleaved or side by side. You can also add nice pre-built intro sequences and use professional looking overlays (to show the presenter name for example). It also includes e-learning type functionality but I can’t help feeling that it’s aimed more at producing video based content that is mobile friendly. One thing that appears to be missing is any HTML5 support. There is an iPad app but what about other tablets and mobile OSs? Full review to follow.

For the time being here is Adobe’s e-Learning Evangelist Dr Allen Partridge taking you through the new features.

List of features:

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