Thinking about a Windows 8 Tablet?

Mac User or PC UserI would really like my next tablet to be a Microsoft Surface loaded with Windows RT. Suddenly Microsoft’s tiled non-skeuomorphic interface looks cool compared to the endless pages of icons lined up in rows. Even the 16:9 wide-screen format looks cool compared to Apple’s old school 4:3. But the problem I have with Windows 8, and therefore the problem which Microsoft has as well, is the lack of apps in the Windows 8 App Store.  When it comes to apps Windows 8 is a desert compared to Apple’s or Android’s oases.

This is a big shame because I am a prime customer for Microsoft. I run Windows 7 on my desktop and laptop and the primary tools of my trade are Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Being able to use these tools on my tablet device, even in cut down form, would be a real boon for me. Currently I have to mess about converting PowerPoint to Keynote and using a weird collection of writing apps (I’m writing this in Byword) when I am working with words alone.

The real danger for Microsoft here is that I am faced with two choices – struggle on with my mixed Apple/Windows set-up or decide to go for an all Apple ecosystem. Steve Ballmer must be hoping that not too many take the latter option. Corporate customers of course are less responsive and apart from executive toys and BYOD iOS is hardly becoming the corporate workhorse that will oust Windows. Still it’s got to be a worrying time for Microsoft. Can it get into the tablet market while there is some of it left?

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