Social Learning the Skillsoft Way

Social Learning has been big in 2012 but like any new fad it’s not clear to everyone exactly what it is. For me it looks very like knowledge management revived (see Social Learning and Knowledge Management) and it’s important not to confuse social learning with learning with the help of  social media (see What is social learning?). This infographic provides a vision of social learning the Skillsoft way. One problematic aspect of the social learning utopia is the Nielsen 1-9-90 rule:

Jacob Nielsen coined a theory called the 1-9-90 theory that says out of every hundred people who join a community or network – 1% actively contribute – 9% contribute from time to time – and 90% are lurkers.

Nielsen was describing behaviour on the internet and one would imagine that the figures would be better for an internal community but from my experience in KM it’s often a dedicated few that make the greatest contribution and after a while they just stop giving when everyone else appears to be taking. See this post from Paul Dunay for an interesting discussion on the 1-9-90 rule for internal communities like Yammer.

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Social Learning Infographic

Link: Skillsoft Social Learning Infographic

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