Learning Business Models

If you currently deliver training in the classroom and are looking to develop an online learning offer we can help. We have worked with many trainers and training teams over the years helping them to re-work their classroom or workshop material so that it works effectively online.

There are a number of different approaches that a training company can take to move their training material online. The one you select will depend upon how serious you are about evolving your business model to embrace an online offer. Business model? Yes because taking the e-learning path really does require you to re-visit your business model. In practice its pretty similar to business in general – if you were a start-up retail business 10 years ago you would probably have started with a single high street shop. The vast majority of start-up retail businesses today build a website. Think about it – if you were to start a brand new training company today – would you go offline or online?

Which of these scenarios do you most closely identify with:

Scenario 1, Head in the Sand

Real learning can only take place in the classroom but customers are pushing us to deliver some e-learning as a lower cost option.

Our view: Five years ago this was still a common position but like the dinosaurs it’s heading for extinction.

Scenario 2, Reluctant Pragmatists

We still think that we deliver maximum value in a face to face workshop but we recognise the benefits both to customers and ourselves of moving some of our courses online.

Our view: In the last few years we can happily say that the majority of training companies have moved to this position.

Scenario 3, Forward Thinkers

We are re-designing our business model for the future and recognise that we need to deliver our unique intellectual property across a variety of learning channels both offline and online, desktop and mobile.

Our view: This is where most of the forward thinking companies are today. They recognise the enormous potential of their intellectual property and want to sell it to a much larger market and this market is a growing worldwide one. However they still believe in the richness of face to face for certain high value learning interventions so their offer is tiered to maximise a cross section of customers.

Scenarios 4, Visionary Entrepreneurs

We think offline learning is outdated and too expensive in today’s web driven market. We want to deliver learning to a worldwide market efficiently and at low cost using a freemium business model that automates the entire business process.

Our view: Not many conventional training companies will go this far but if you were to start a training business today this ‘extreme’ business model would definitely be one option to consider.

How can we help?

We can help you move your learning business online and we are flexible about how we might be rewarded. You can pay us for our time, collaborate to co-create an online learning offer or reward us based on results.

But we need to know that you are committed to change:

If you chose Scenario 1 then sorry but we will struggle to work with you effectively. Unless you really believe in the value of online learning you aren’t going to deliver something that will work for you or more importantly, your customers.

If you chose Scenario 4 then you probably already know a lot about the online learning marketplace so you probably don’t need our help but in case you do we’d love to join the revolution!

If you chose either Scenarios 2 or 3 then we’d love to work with you. We can help either at the strategic level (what type of online courses, what business model) or at the tactical level (what platform, which tools, e-learning content development).

Keen to learn more? Get in touch and arrange a no-obligation meeting where we can explore your first moves into online learning.


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