Knowledge Business e-Simulation

I assisted at a TangoNet session for the London Knowledge Network at the University of GreenwichBusiness School last week. The session was led by Graham Fernee (the UK TangoNet guru) and suppoted by Martyn Laycock and myself as a TangoNet coach. Once again TangoNet proved it’s worth both as an effective learning tool and as a unique introduction to the issues that make knowledge businesses tick. Though it’s PC based we run it as a fully facilitated session in a classroom environment with three people per team (nominally playing the roles of HR, S&M and CEO). Unlike the table top version of Tango TangoNet can be run happily over a single day and because each participant gets a version of the software to keep it can be used after the event for further exploration (I’ve been playing this week with a volume strategy since our team failed to implement one successfully). TangoNet really is engaging and if you work in a knowledge business (basically a business that relies for its success on knowledgeable people) you will find that the game mechanics simulate reality wonderfully. It’s perfect for a consulting or business services organisations  – especially in the B2B sector. It can also be used successfully in the non-profit or public sector, or any organisation that has a business model that relies on matching quality teams with demanding clients. Indeed it gets its name from the phrase ‘It takes two to Tango’ – quality people in step with quality customers.   

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