Jobs in 2016

Fast Company magazine recently took a tongue-in-cheek look at what jobs might be in demand in 2016. Here is my list:

Danger – Plan your exit strategy:

Web Designers – The new tools will be so cool anyone will be able to build a web site
Trainers – All learning will be online
Checkout People – We don’t need anyone to talk to when putting our shopping into bags
Financial Advisors – Apart from my friend Martin who is always up for a coffee and a chat
Airline Pilots – The thrill of flying ‘Intel Inside’ is just too good to miss

Looking Good – Try these new career options:

Home Computer Troubleshooters – All that converging technology is going to mean that an IT support person will be much more valuable than an au-pair in 2016
Personal Online Shopper – Let someone else take the eye strain
Escort – Powered by the Internet, the oldest profession goes from strength to strength
Pastor/Vicar/Priest – Because God’s work is never done…

Bristol Knowledge Cafe 2

The second Bristol Knowledge Cafe takes place on 10th May from 6-8pm.

I absolutley have to attend because one of my ideas for the theme has been selected (not sure how) – maybe it was just a brilliant theme ;-) …!!

"I had a wealth of ideas to choose from and on this occasion, following feedback, the topic selected is

Information or Knowledge?

At the recent Plymouth e-Learning conference Steve Coombs (Bath Spa University) gave a presentation on ‘Critical Thinking Scaffolds’ based the work done by Jonassen on Mindtools. Don’t want to explore this now but one area that Steve touched upon was the

Land of Unrealistic Business Assumptions

Louba_3In some recent cartoon strips Scott Adams has created a whole new fantasy world for his reluctant  hero knowledge worker, Dilbert. ‘The Land of Unrealistic Business Assumptions’ takes a swipe at all those overly optimistic entrepreneurs who manage to persuade investors, sleepy bank managers, gullible friends and worst of all themselves that they can be the next Donald Trump (as long as they can craft a good enough sales forecast in Excel). Some days are made better by Scott Adams’ insightful humour.

ExLink: Dilbert in ‘The Land of Unrealistic Business Assumptions’

Last Entry for 2005

I’ve been struggling over the last few weeks to complete a variety of blog entries. The Christmas ‘holiday season’ is a tough time for much reflection. Had to work right up to the line including a key presentation for an interesting new e-learing project on 21st December! So much for getting any shopping done! Anyway, 2006 is almost upon us so as a final brief entry for 2005 I have some neat web links:

Google Montage – Brilliant fun but also has a really thought provoking – try entering a phrase like ‘knowledge management’. The montage below is for ‘knowledge sharing’.

Writeboard – Brilliantly simple but effective approach to document collaboration. 2006 WILL be the year of neat Web 2.0 collaboration tools!

Mathilde Aubier – Just a nice web site with a brilliant mix of interactivity and usefulness.


Google Montage for ‘knowledge sharing’

The Times on KM

There was a neat little piece by Carol Lewis on KM in The Times Career Supplement on 17th November.

It went along the following lines (italics are my comments):

Big Brained Bosses


While searching for some stuff on knowledge work and knowledge workers for a workshop I am doing at the KCC Fringe with Piers Young I re-discovered Jay Cross’ Internet Time Blog.  The article I stumbled across (I love stumbling on the web – you come across some amazing stuff) was on workflow. Here is an extract:

"Workflow is the convergence of work+flow to achieve an optimal
balance of work results and individual fulfillment. Business culture is
breaking free of the industrial-age mindset that bottom-line results
and worker happiness are natural enemies. Work can be among life

Happy Birthday!

Cake_1This blog is one year old today! Time really flies in the blogosphere. It’s been a useful but quite time consuming exercise and not something to be taken lightly but I’ve learnt a lot – not just about blogging but about how blogging can be integrated into one’s business model. It’s already caused me to re-think my web site and to develop a structure that enables me to integrate this blog with the main site.

Learning about Wikis

After blogs, wikis appear to be the next most important element in the new social computing toolkit (I’m ignoring forums and instant messaging here because they’ve been around for much longer). Now, while it’s possible to explain to people what a blog is -  a wiki is a much tougher proposition. It’s one of those things that you just have to see in action, and just get stuck in yourself. It’s not dissimilar to explaining skiing to someone who has never tried it – words don’t quite get the feeling across adequately – you just have to try it. However I came across an excellent screencast (effectively a narrated demo – more on these in a later article) by Jon Udell, an analyst with US InfoWorld Magazine. In this screencast he describes the history of an entry in Wikipedia on the ‘Umlaut used by Heavy Metal Bands‘ (weird subject I know but it demonstrates the wiki concept really effectively).

I’m still considering the application of wikis to my work, and specifically how clients might use them to engage customers or employees in knowledge sharing activities. I think they probably have a useful role to play and can be really engaging especially when you need to agree a measure of consensus (for example as part of a change management programme). One of the most popular enterprise wiki tools is Socialtext (SAP recently invested in the business).  I plan to look at these tools in more depth in a later entry.

ExLink: Definition of Wiki in Wikipedia

Timeline_2Timeline: 10 days ago an earthquake struck Northern Pakistan/India killing up to 50,00 people. In the UK the Conservative Party is going through yet another leadership election – candidates are David Cameron, David Davis, Kenneth Clarke and Liam Fox. The threat of a bird flu pandemic is unnerving most of Europe.

Knowledge Unions

Wall Street Journal


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