BETT Introduces Workplace Learning

BETT 2013In January there are two big learning technology shows in the UK. One, Learning Technologies, is aimed at the commercial and public sector market while the other, BETT,  is aimed at the education market. I go along to both but Learning Technologies is the real e-learning show. BETT has always been about classroom technologies, not about online learning, but things might be changing. I was invited to attend some sessions aimed at corporate customers and I see that this year  there is a new zone dedicated to ‘Workplace Learning’. I’ve had a quick scan of the exhibitors and apart from a couple of Moodle implementors there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of online learning. I thought that with the rise of the MOOC and sites like Coursera and Udemy there might have been some new stuff happening at  BETT which challenged the belief that the classroom is ALWAYS best. Apparently not and that’s an opportunity missed in my e-book.

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